Hatboro Plans to Up Pool Fees

To move the Hatboro Memorial Pool closer to self-sufficiency, the Hatboro Borough Council is considering increasing fees for this summer.

It will cost more to swim at the Hatboro Memorial Pool this summer under a set of proposed fees that the Hatboro Borough Council will act on later this month. 

Costs are expected to increase between $10 and $15 for almost everything, the few exceptions being senior memberships, entrance for children under age 2 and resident day passes, according to a proposed rate sheet obtained by Patch. Council will take action at its Feb. 25 meeting.

Councilman Mark Sheedy said officials evaluated fees in a 5-mile radius of other public pools. The end result, Sheedy said, are planned tweaks to make the Memorial Pool's rates "more in line with other public pools."

"We’re trying to make the pool self-sufficient so we’re not taking money from public works," Sheedy said. 

Sheedy told Patch he did not know how close the pool was to being self-sufficient, or if the new rates proposed would make it so.

Hatboro Borough Manager Fred Zollers said he did not have exact figures on hand during Monday's council meeting, but said the council has to "transfer a little bit of money" to help fund the pool each year.

"It wasn't hundreds of thousands of dollars," Zollers said. "Hopefully (the increased rates) will help."

Sheedy also inquired about whether council members should receive free pool memberships. 

Even though the governing body is examining ways to up the pool's revenue stream, Sheedy said it does not appear as though the Hatboro Area YMCA will be part of that equation. Officials announced last month that the Hatboro Y would close its outdoor pool. At that time, officials said negotiations were underway for the Y's swim team to use Hatboro Memorial Pool. 

But, on Monday, Sheedy said, "I don't think it's going to work for us."

"It's an ongoing dialogue," Sheedy said, adding that the Hatboro Y is "looking at other venues" as well. 

A handful of parents attended the meeting and two spoke against a previously mentioned possibility of the Hatboro Y managing Hatboro Memorial Pool.

"It needs to remain as is," Hatboro resident Harry Honer said. "Let the Y run their program here behind us."

Ami Kirn, of the Hatboro Memorial Pool parent association, echoed Honer's sentiment and pointed out that Hatboro offers "very little" in terms of park and recreation activities. 

"It means a lot for our team (the Hatboro Storm) swim team to be there," Kirn said. 

Zollers said an agreement has not been finalized with the YMCA and, even if it had, "there was no plan on infringing on (the Hatboro Storm's) practice time."

"We're real big fans of the Storm," Sheedy said.

Proposed 2013 rates for Hatboro Memorial Pool

Resident, two adults living in the same household (ages 18-62): $210

Resident, single (ages 18-62): $160

Resident, per child (ages 2-18) and living in the same household as an adult member: $35

Resident, senior (62 and up): $60 (no change)

Resident, 15-visit partial membership punch card: $125

Resident day pass: $15 (no change)

Resident day pass after 5 p.m.: $5 (no change)

Non-resident, two adults living in the same household (ages 18-62): $310

Non-resident, single (ages 18-62): $210

Non-resident per child (ages 2-18) and living in the same household as an adult member: $35

Non-resident senior (ages 62 and up): $110

Non-resident 15 visit partial membership punch card: $175

Non-resident day pass: $20

Non-resident day pass after 5 p.m.: $10

Swim lessons, per person (two sessions): $50

Swim team membership: $50

Replacement cards: $5 (no change)

Children under age 2 with adult membership living in the same household: Free (no change)

Guest of member day pass (up to four per membership): $10

Daycare/camps: $60 per day for up to 12 children; $5 per day for each additional child

Click here to see last year's rates. 

pool February 12, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Dear Mr. Sheedy, you should base Hatboro pool fees on Hatboro pool expenses, and not on what other towns charge at their pools. What if the other towns have many more or many less employees, much more or much less expenses, higher or lower debt burden, etc.etc.etc. Duh.
Ezra Williams February 12, 2013 at 09:13 PM
If they up the pool fees, I'm not just going to continue peeing in it when I swim, I gonna poop in it too.
Beth Allen February 13, 2013 at 04:49 PM
As President of Hideaway Swim Club, I invite the community to check our services and fees. Maybe we are the right fit for you. http://www.hideaway-swimclub.com/membership.htm
stay at home dad February 13, 2013 at 04:58 PM
I feel better about sending my kids to Hideaway. It's MUCH cleaner than Hatboro and has better hours and some shade. If you pay more, you should get more for you $$. Zyggy raised the Local SErivices tax over 400% just because other towns charge a higher rate than last year's $10. But do local businesses get more service for a higher service tax? nope. While pay checks shrink,Hatboro goes on raising taxes and fees.
Dolores Forget February 13, 2013 at 09:17 PM
Now, that's how to get an idea accepted: Tell existing members their fee may go up and then tell them how you want your membership for free. I wonder how many bulging eyeballs and kicks under the table that generated from fellow council members.
HatsToYou February 13, 2013 at 10:39 PM
FOR THE RECORD, Hatboro offers quite a bit in recreational facilities for its residents. Tanner Park has a brand new super playground plus a reconditioned basketball court. Memorial park has a full size baseball field, two separate sets of playground equipment, the pool and two large parking lots. Eaton park has two lighted full size reconditioned basketball courts, a picnic pavilian, half mile jogging track, plenty of space for open recreation plus a good sized parking lot. Miller Meadow offers new gardens along the Pennypack, a butterfly waystation plus plenty of room for town events such as art shows, halloween events and yearly carnival type events.
Diane B. February 13, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Regarding Hatboro's park facilities - for a one-square mile town, Hatboro offers quite a bit besides the Hatboro Pool - Little League, Four Parks, Basketball Courts, and children's playgrounds. And we also have our own theatre. Not bad for a small-town.


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