Poll: Will Court Intervention Help Neshaminy's Contract Impasse?

Do you think court involvement in Neshaminy contract impasse will help? Vote in this poll.

The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and Neshaminy School Board are scheduled to appear in Bucks County Court in front of Judge Robert Baldi this Tuesday.

The for a second time a few weeks ago seeking his intervention in the contract talks. The union filed a similar petition previously, but Baldi refused to bring the courts into the impasse at that time, but said that if contract talks failed to lead to any progress in July, he would consider the motion if either side decided to request the courts' intervention again.

Since no progress has been made in talks throughout July and August, both sides will be in court this week.

Do you think that the court getting involved will help move this impasse closer to a new contract? Vote in the poll below and weigh in on the issue in the comments section below.

Patch will reveal the poll results this Friday at 3 p.m.

Redskinsmom August 14, 2012 at 12:46 PM
I agree, William. Video taping the negotiations would sure cinch it for me as to who is posturing or stalling and who isn't. I totally trust our CURRENT school board with our district's future. Why in the world would the negotiations with public monies be confidential??
former teacher August 14, 2012 at 01:22 PM
1. In 5 years the least expensive proposal the NFT has provided cost taxpayers $30M more in 3 years including 80% retro pay at current value. 2. NO proposal the NFT has offered saves taxpayers a single penny in current budget cost. All 8 were cost plus proposals adding significantly to an already unaffordable & unsustainable education budget. 3. If you include all perks that the NFT has that no other teachers in PA have, there is no debate that NFT is the highest in overall compensation. Using Only salary & benefit profiles to compare makes no sense since much that the NFT get is not included (e.g. Longevity pay, Premium Rolls Royce Health care costing on average $27K per teacher, life insurance in retirement, no HC premium contribution while working, 100% health ins coverage for retirees after only 10 years of NSD service, a $27.5K retiree bonus, 37% opt out payment equaling $10K payment per year($1M overall to taxpayers) & amazingly a COLA in contract. Retiree health care & $27.5K bonus have cost taxpayers $35M in the last decade. None of this impacted classroom education. 4. If you research what taxpayers in NSD have paid vs the other top cost Bucks school districts you find that over the past decade NSD taxpayers have paid nearly $100M more in "extra" taxes just pertaining to the cost of our teachers CBA. So normalized for millage it actually cost us more to educate Neshaminy kids due to all the extra money going to perks only to the NFT vs other Bucks teachers.
former teacher August 14, 2012 at 01:22 PM
5. NSD is the only local district STILL paying for MEQs as most did away with it in the 1990s or earlier. That alone has cost us roughly $30M extra in last 10 years. 6. According to NSD lawyers & administration the NFT are the only union in PA & NJ that has something in a CBA called an "equal say clause". 7. Annual Salary does not equal lifetime compensation/cost; nor does NSD compensation to its teachers end upon their retirement as in other districts. NSD teachers are compensated 8% more per year than CRSD teachers over the life of a comparable career. 8. The NFT has the shortest work day & work year. Taxpayers actually lose money with lost teaching time vs other districts since the NFT is compensated more than other teachers in Bucks that work more hours per year. 9. With a mere 11 steps i.e. 11 years to go from $42K to $95.6K plus MEQs we pay more faster for less experience than other districts. 10. There is no possible reason or explanation for the NFT to warrant a CBA richer in pay & perks than the local market supports, therefore a parity contract to Souderton is fully appropriate including the removal of objectionable non-economic terms.
Jennifer Germana August 14, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Neshaminy cannot afford the NFT's sky-high demands! Time to decertify & start over!
Redskinsmom August 14, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Former teacher...Thank you for what you posted. Educating the public is the only way to help the cause.


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