NSB Addresses NFT's Claims of Threats, Violence

Neshaminy School Board President addressed the death threats and acts of violence alleged by the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers.

Neshaminy School Board President Ritchie Webb rebutted statements made by the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers Tuesday evening about threats and acts of violence toward its members.

Just hours before Tuesday's Neshaminy School Board meeting, the .

According to the union, NFT leaders advised union members to forgo attending the meeting amid concerns about numerous acts of violence against teachers, including an alleged death threat targeting a teacher that was posted on Facebook this past weekend.

In addition to the death threat, the NFT claimed that its members experienced numerous acts of violence including verbal threats, cars swerving at teachers on the picket line, and eggs and other items thrown from cars at picketing teachers, all of which the union said are being investigated by law enforcement officials.

NFT President Louise Boyd said in a press release that " the district has done nothing in response" to the threats and violence.

However, Webb said that the union's press release was "completely misleading" and that Boyd's statement that the district did nothing was "flat out wrong."

According to Webb, the union informed district Superintendent Louis Muenker of the death threat, told him that the appropriate law enforcement officials had been contacted and then asked Muenker to keep this information confidential.

Webb stated that Muenker took appropriate precautions and informed the school board of the incident, while honoring the union's request to keep the information confidential.

The school board believes that anyone making a threat "should be dealt with by the law" and that "threats of violence can never be tolerated," Webb said.

He added that while the board shares the NFT's concerns for everyone’s safety, the board cannot tolerate "inaccurate spin on a situation that is already volatile."


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feasterville resident June 09, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Louise Boyd does not want the camera's because she won't be able to control herself. Look and listen at the times she was interviewed on both camera and radio. She rants and raves about her perceived misgivings, then when asked credible questions concerning her agenda, her voice quivers, the tone elevates, then she wants to end the interview. Empty barrels make the most noise.
Linda Sheridan June 09, 2012 at 05:07 PM
To Feasterville Resident- you are absolutely correct about Boyd and her people, too. The NFT should not have a choice, taxpayers cannot get out to the 50 million meetings this Boyd person has created. All of her rants should be on TV so people can see how not to behave. The fact that 2/3 of our "teachers" voted her & her cronies back in is very disturbing. Take a page out of the neighboring school districts and settle for what the board will offer that is fiscally responsible to all Neshaminy residents and BEST for the students. The 2/3 for Boyd can go to another district to teach - I am sure they would not be hired by any!
Lori Ferrara Wentzel June 09, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Feodor if they play act then the community will see it. The community has a right to see what that tax dollars are paying for period. It is ridiculous to think that in a country with all the freedoms we have we cannot be privy to a contract negotiation that we are paying for? I think again if someone doesn't want it televised they are hiding something.
former teacher June 09, 2012 at 08:46 PM
I am under the impression that there is plenty of play acting going on right now. Tell me, Fedor, would you be on better behavior when you are being watched by many people or when you are certain no one is watching? Both sides come out of these meetings with different versions. I happen to believe the NSB's version but I could be wrong. Recorded sessions would be the proof. The only ones who don't seem to favor this are the NFT and their supporters. Just for a quick history lesson, the NSB kept quiet about this for the first year or so, even when Louise & Tom were misbehaving. When Louise came out of these meetings with such different versions of what transpired, the board went public. Then last year or so it was suggested to make the meetings public. I agree this is not a standard practice and would not normally advocate for it. But this is not a normal bargaining process. And after 4 years, how could this hurt such a dysfunctional process?
feasterville resident June 09, 2012 at 10:03 PM
On a different somewhat related subject. I know of many recently graduated dean's list teacher candidates who are eager, willing and able to work. Only one, was accepted to teach Biology in another school district with a starting pay of $53k. When I ask them if they have heard about the Neshaminy District contract talks, they shutter. Each and every one of them are willing to travel over an hours drive just to work with such benefits.


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