NFT Rejects School Board's 'Council Rock' Proposal

According to school board President Ritchie Webb, it became apparent in Wednesday night's negotiation session that the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers have rejected the board's latest offer.

In Neshaminy's 57th negotiation session Wednesday night, school Board President Ritchie Webb said it became apparent that the Neshaminy Federation has rejected the board's Council Rock proposal.

During the half an hour meeting, the NFT presented the board with a new proposal that takes the Council Rock salaries, but adds costs and language from the union's expired contract, "making the proposal unacceptable," Webb said.

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Despite that, Webb said that the school board will "conduct a thorough analysis of the cost and educational impact" of the proposal before issuing an official response to the union.

Webb also expressed his "disappointment" that NFT leaders did not give its members the opportunity to vote on the Council Rock proposal.

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"Instead of considering a good offer in tough, economic times, the union has taken the all too familiar path of asking for more than we can give," he stated.

The next scheduled negotiation session is scheduled for Oct. 24. The meeting scheduled for Oct. 15 was cancelled by Director of PA Bureau of Mediation William Gross.

Editor's note: Patch is waiting for a response about the meeting from the NFT. This article will be updated with their response once it is received.

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ConcernedParent October 11, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I think the linked article entitled "NSB Member to NFT: 'I Would Take That Offer'" about covers the fairness of the offer. They want a better contract than schools that consistently outperform Neshaminy. Ridiculous!!!
Capt. Obvious October 11, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Amen, ConcernedParent. It would be one thing if we were a top ranked school district, and the school district helped bring higher income people to the area, but if you are going to continually fail to hit good grades, you're not going to attract the most wealthy, and you're not going to get the crazy high priced salary and benefits you ask for. Personally I think my kids' education here is failing them, and I wish I had the ability to move today. I just have to hope I can get us out before they get to the higher grades, where a good college starts to notice.
feasterville resident October 11, 2012 at 06:36 PM
All about the greed. School Taxes are due at the end of this month. I'm paying close to $6700. for just the school taxes. That equates to $560 a month. This does not include property tax. How can the NFT continue to think that the tax payers can shoulder any more? These economic times are horrific. I have spoken to numerous teachers who work in Neshaminy, Council Rock, the Philadelphia School District and they all say NFT does not warrant what they are asking to receive. I agree totally. Our school district has slid in standard testing compared to others. Each and every teacher that I spoke to have listened to Louise Boyd and state that she is beyond belief, ignorant, and a poor example to the teaching profession. As she has stated, she works in horrible, deplorable conditions. Well Louise, why don't you move on and find another profession. She definitely is giving another black-eye to unions and teachers.
Nancy Griggs October 11, 2012 at 06:44 PM
I agree and I believe that the rank and file MUST stand up to the "leadership." They are not prisoners of a gulag; they are free to oppose the NFT, but they have to be willing to be realistic as to what is economically feasible and morally fair to those who pay their salaries. Teachers must know in their hearts how well they are supported by the parents and the parent organizations of their schools. There is a common goal and it must be kept in mind.
Tony October 12, 2012 at 12:35 PM
As I said many ,many weks ago, this union doesn't want a new contract. The "old" one is truly a masterpiece of greed already. Again, we must terminate these union folks immediately & hire a new crew. What really are you afraid of? Disrespectful, greedy unions in this country need to be addressed. Face the goons. They can be contended with.


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