Letter to the Editor: Neshaminy vs. Council Rock's Salary Schedule

Feasterville resident Stephen Pirritano breaks down Council Rock and Neshaminy's current salary schedules.

Editor's note: The following letter was submitted to Patch by Feasterville resident and Neshaminy parent/taxpayer Stephen Pirritano.

Dear Residents, 

As you may already be aware the Neshaminy School Board has offered the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers a parity contract with the Council Rock School District.

To simplify items here related to salary, I have included both the current status quo Neshaminy salary schedule and the proposed CR Salary Schedule.

**These are attached to this article as PDFs**

Currently Neshaminy has seniority steps 1 thru 11,  This is the July 1,2007 schedule that was last in effect on June 30, 2008 when the contract went into Status Quo.

The proposed CR Schedule has Seniority steps 0 thru 11.

In the recent response from the board to the NFT's 44 questions, the board reflects that the new proposed schedule will have a direct transfer from current placement to the new schedule.

Example: If a step 8 teacher with a BA is currently at $58,328 they will be placed on step 7 BA at $64,929. That is a whopping $6,609 RAISE.

If you go to the top scale Neshaminy 11 + M + 40 credits $95,923 versus CR 11+ M + 30 credits $105,934, that is a incredible $10,000 RAISE or approximately 10 percent.

While I personally disagree with this generous offer, the board states it is affordable if and only if the NFT concedes to contribute towards health care with the same percentages as CR Teachers do, discontinues the NVERP (which CR never had), discontinues the Double Dip Medical Opt Out Plan (which CR never had). discontinues longevity pay (which CR doesn't have), as well as some additional items.

The question is since it appears the board went all in on this and I quote: "Final and best offer to the NFT." Will the NFT allow their membership to have a ballot vote on this offer? It appears so far the NFT leadership has engaged in continuing propaganda to discredit this offer and without a vote from their membership.

To read complete details please visit : http://nsdboard.blogspot.com/

Stephen Pirritano
Feasterville, PA

Council Rock's and Neshaminy's salary schedules are attached to this article below the photo.

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Capt. Obvious September 22, 2012 at 07:47 PM
my big question is, if we pay them like Council Rock, shouldn't they have to perform like Council Rock? From everything I've seen and heard, CR has a way better school program and better student test scores. I say give Neshaminy a year to get results up to CR levels if they want to keep that new raise.
Hiker01 September 23, 2012 at 03:34 PM
CR did not get AYP neshaminy did
Survival In Neshaminy September 24, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Look at the Science scores CR had 50 % of their 11th graders at advanced proficiency Neshaminy had 19%. It’s a good thing that Neshaminy HS made the standard but you have to do it two years in a row to be considered making AYP. As your students go higher up the ladder of proficiency it becomes harder and harder t make gains. Neshaminy HS had spent 7 years below proficiency while we made gains its still a long road ahead to the CR or Central Bucks level.


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