H-H Education Foundation Awards $100K in Grants

The Hatboro Horsham Education Foundation has awarded $100,000 in grants to 16 projects.

The Hatboro Horsham Education Foundation has announced the recipients of its annual learning grants. Sixteen grants totaling more than $100,000 were awarded for the 2014-2015 school year.

Here is a summary of the winners and their projects. For full descriptions, visit the HHEF website.

Bringing Link Crew to Hatboro-Horsham

Vanessa DeLuca and Dennis Williams; Hatboro-Horsham HS Grades 9 – 12
The Link Crew program provides a structure that guides freshman students toward academic and social success. ($5,190) 

Bringing the Past Into the Future
Jim Keyes and Diane Heitzenrater; Keith Valley Middle School, Grade 8
This program will help students to develop a strong foundational knowledge of American history while developing  21st century skills.  ($7,451.90)

Enhancing Literary Centers
Debra Stoddart and Beth Traczykiewicz; Crooked Billet Elementary, Grade
First-grade students will work in interactive literacy centers with an increased level of student choice. ($8,500)

Genetics & Biotechnology Current Applications with Future Implications
(Greg Poruban; HHHS, Grades 9-12)
This grant will fund the purchase of biotechnology equipment, lab supplies and activities.  ($14,972.84)

Hatboro-Horsham Robotics
(Eric Zygmont; Keith Valley Middle School & HHHS, Grades 6-12)
High School students will expand their knowledge and skills by designing, fabricating, assembling, and programming a 150 pound robot that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. ($9,788) 

Healthy Body, Healthy Minds
(Eric Glemser, Nicole Miletto and Tami Eldridge; Hallowell Elementary K–5)
This program incorporates fitness with academics to educate students about the importance of being physically active and living a healthy lifestyle. ($3,092.72)

Hybrid Learning Classroom
(Megan Grimes; Simmons Elementary, Grade 4)
Blended or hybrid learning involves a combination of environments, activities and media. The environment allows students to refine the essential 21st century skills and take a leading role in their lifelong learning.  ($7,780)

Improving Instruction Through SMARTer Formative Assessment
(Nicole Dobos and Kate Rae; Keith Valley Middle School, Grade 8)

The SMART response system, in conjunction with Formative Assessment strategies, will improve instruction. Students will use clickers with QWERTY keyboards allowing for multiple choice, true/false and open-ended questions. ($3,247.20)

Increasing Fluency and Engagement in World Language
(Jordan Wells, Bunny Heim and Susan Salembier; Keith Valley Middle School, Grades 6–8)
Students will use iPads, along with the applications and software to increase engagement, motivation and fluency in the target language.  ($6,227.30)

Innovative Assessment in Health & Physical Education
(Angelo LaFratta; Keith Valley Middle School, Grades 6–8)
The purpose of this grant proposal is to incorporate more technology into our Health and Physical Education programs, including handheld devices.  ($5,127.47) 

Living Ecosystem: The Coral Reef Tank
(Tim Enge; HHHS, Grades 9–12)

Our school’s coral reef is growing by leaps and bounds with new animals being introduced monthly. The grant will be used to add enhanced filters and pumps to allow for more unique fish. ($3,349.42)

Navigating Our Way Through AP Statistics
(Joel Evans; HHHS, Grades 11 & 12)

The TI-Nspires will transform how statistics are taught and help students analyze data quicker, easier, and deeper than before. The wireless Navigator system will allow two-way communication between students’ handhelds and the teacher’s computer.  ($7,500)

Outdoor Education at the JNC

(Rachel Hartman; All Elementary, Grades 1 – 5 & Keith Valley Middle School, Grade 7)
The Jarrett Nature Center is a dynamic location rich in resources and history. There, the students have a chance to think and act like scientists in an outdoor environment.  ($5,800) 

(Tami Wunder-Italia; Crooked Billet, Grades K – 5)

The PeaceMakers project incorporates teaching students strategies to resolve conflicts. ($1,525.83)

School Sculpture Mobile Residency
(Karen Kanter; Simmons Elementary, Grades K–5)
Kevin Reese of School Sculptures will bring a unique experience to elementary students through a five-day artist residency program. ($9,250)

Trout in the Classroom
(John Schumann & Sarah Carner; Pennypack Elementary, Grades 2 & 4)
Through the introduction and use of an aquarium in the classroom and a partnership with Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom and the National Organization Trout Unlimited, students will participate in an interdisciplinary and environmental education program. ($1,300) 

IwantChickens May 03, 2014 at 07:17 AM
My child goes to Simmons, and perhaps I am not understanding this but, these are,"extra" classes or they are improving classes? I'm pretty sure they have art class and health, another sounds like social studies. Peace makers and trout in the classroom? That sounds silly, don't we have school counselers? Maybe I am miss understanding, but a lot of this sounds redundant and usless, and perhaps funds could be better allocated.
Nicole Sutton Reichner May 03, 2014 at 09:18 AM
Peacemakers is a way to help resolve conflicts during the school day, it is run by the guidance office and helps children- CHILDREN to recognize and start to resolve conflicts better for themselves. I think it will be a wonderful addition to CB and I'm excited that Mrs Wunder-Italia sees the potential in kids helping each other through this program.
Ellen Zschunkee May 03, 2014 at 07:54 AM
I think these all sound like fabulous real world learning opportunities for our student in HH. Our teachers and administrators were innovative in researching, writing and applying for these grants and have gone above and beyond putting in extra time to do so. Several of the programs listed may be whole school initiatives that take place through assembly bringing the whole school community together to learn and problem solve together. Programs like Trout in the Classroom http://www.patroutintheclassroom.org/Home_new.aspx for example, offer students an opportunity to watch their eggs grow and see the whole process for themselves instead of just reading about it. We know this is how kids learn best and sometimes the school budget itself does not allow for such opportunity. The foundation was set up with the goal to fund such "extra" learning opportunities and projects in mind from outside donor sources. Kudos to everyone who submitted and will be implementing grants!
Ellen Zschunkee May 03, 2014 at 08:10 AM
students not student :)


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