Digging for Dinosaurs

Simmons Elementary School second-graders served as paleontologists for the day on the hunt for fossils.

Paintbrush-toting  second-graders swept through sandboxes Thursday morning in search of remnants from creatures that walked the earth some 65 million years ago.


And, with each recovery of a skull, piece of a leg bone and more, their excitement turned to wide-eyed awe at the "discovery" in their hands.

Culminating their studies on dinosaurs and fossils, the students got a first-hand look at how the extinct reptiles lived from field paleontologists Mike and Roberta Straka during a morning assembly and a subsequent dig. Roberta took time burying the fossils in each group's sandbox to ensure kids would be able to find a piece of history.

"We do a lot of glueing," she said of her technique for keeping fossils that are so old intact. 



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