Vacancy: Station Park

What would you like to see fill the more than 100,000 square feet available at Station Park in Hatboro?

Tell us in the comments what you would like to see fill this vacancy.

Vacant: 338 S. Warminster Road, Hatboro

Description: This roughly 40-acre business campus is home to Alencon, KinderCare, Member Solutions and a handful of other businesses. 

Size: More than 100,000 square feet, likely to be subdivided. 

Zoning: LI (light industrial)

History: According to Matt Handel of Alliance Partners HSP, the largest space available was most recently home to Countrywide Mortgage. The site, with a 650-person capacity, served as a call center for the company, which has since gone out of business. 

The Challenge: The space is massive and is designed specific to a call center, with cubicles and walls throughout. Handel said the intent is to "reposition this space" so it's available for smaller users. 

Potential: Hatboro Main Street Manager Stephen Barth said the space would be ideal for corporate offices, or, based on its history, a call center.


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