Tanner Park Construction Delayed

The Hatboro Borough Council is expected to consider a land development plan for the Jefferson Avenue and Tanner Road park during its Oct. 22 meeting.

Hatboro’s Elm Street volunteers will have to wait another month before undertaking the installation of new playground equipment at Tanner Park. 

The Hatboro Borough Council was supposed to consider a land development plan on Monday, but voting on the long-awaited upgrades to Tanner Park was postponed until next month. Council President John Zygmont said the plan, which was approved earlier this month by the planning commission, would be reviewed at the governing body’s Oct. 8 committee meeting and considered for voting during the council’s Oct. 22 regular meeting.

Zygmont said the borough’s shade tree commission needed to meet and weigh in on the type and number of trees warranted under the plan before the council render a final decision.

Regardless of the delay, John Farnen, who has spent six years fundraising and led the charge for the installation of eight new playground pieces, said he’s still hopeful that the equipment could be installed “before the first snow.”

“We’ll make it by the end of the year,” Farnen told Patch after the meeting. 

Farnen said the landscaping may have to wait until next spring. 

Al Kaholik September 25, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Enough is enough. The five kids who live in the neighborhood near this park will not wait another day for the playground equipment! Farnen spent six years of his life fighting to raise funds for the eight pieces of equipment for this god forsaken project. It is critical to the welfare of northern Hatboroites that this park be upgraded immediately. My child is one of the five who play there once and a while.
Jolene September 25, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Really? Council can't give approval to a playground project six years in the making because the tree committee needs to weigh in? No one knew? Seriously, what's the problem? Aren't there any Council members willing to help out this project and keep them from this endless stalling? Trees won't be planted until spring anyway, but equipment needs to be installed before winter. PARKS make a more attractive town for everyone. If we had a working website, everyone would know what the rules and regs. are. Otherwise, it's Zygmont's universe -- where children -- and families -- come last.
Tori September 26, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Council should really be ashamed of themselves. I have never heard of a project taking this long. You aren't building the Empire State building its a playground people. Get with the program and get it approved. Zygmont = incompetence.


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