Local Voters Asked for ID

Horsham and Hatboro election officials are asking people to show identification, but are not requiring it to vote.

"Hi, do you have ID today?" 

Judge of Elections Nancy Alonge poses the question to each and every voter at Hallowell Elementary School in Horsham. And, regardless of the answer, Alonge allows people to vote. 

"We're asking," Alonge told Patch of the Voter ID law, which has not yet gone into effect. "It's up to them whether they want to (provide identification)."

Out of 454 voters that passed through the polling place just before 2 p.m., Alonge estimated that about 5 percent refused to provide identification. 

"We have to let them vote as long as they're in our books," she said of what elections officials are billing as a practice round of sorts for the state's Voter ID law. 

Robert Hoeksema, who was passing out literature for Democratic candidates at the school Tuesday, said he was "upset about it."

"It's unnecessary," Hoeksema said. "The amount of voter fraud is infinitesimal."

Melody Marsden, the judge of elections at the Hatboro-Horsham High School polling place, said she, too, has been requesting ID.

"It makes it flow easier," Marsden said, adding that identification, when provided, is used to find the correct person on the list of registered voters. 

Like Alonge, Marsden said no one would be turned away. If voters do not wish to provide ID, Marsden said poll workers hand them an informational sheet outlining acceptable types of identification for subsequent elections. 

Horsham Township Republica Committeeman Mark McCouch said that "98 percent of the people had no issues" providing identification at the polls. 

"Everyone knows they're going to have to do it next year," McCouch said. 

In Hatboro, Judge of Elections Eric Zygmont said he's been asking voters coming to the polling place at Enterprise Fire Company to show ID.

Zygmont, a first-time judge of elections, said training provided by the Montgomery County Board of Elections directed him to ask everyone for identification because "they want people to be prepared and know."

Of the 540 voters that came through the fire department as of about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, Zygmont said two or three voters gave poll workers a "significantly worse time than anybody else," but nothing that required intervention from the constable. 

Next year, voters who refuse to show identification will need to fill out a provisional ballot, Zygmont said. 

, said he does not have a general opposition to having people show identification to vote. However, he said it was "rushed into play" without adequate plans as to how people without ID could obtain identification. 

Gilbert R Albright Jr November 06, 2012 at 11:56 PM
THIS IS TOTAL VOTER INTIMIDATION! Telling people to have their ID ready when none is required to vote is a another REPUBLICAN DIRTY TRICK! Since most people are unaware that a Judge suspended the Voter ID law. When a person in an official capacity asks you for ID most people assume what they are asking is proper and required. I encountered that stupid flyer (informational sheet as the GOPer's are calling it) when I went to vote and complained that it SHOULD NOT be at the sign in table since the Voter ID Law was suspended by a Judge and not in effect. Having it there give voters the impression that the Law IS in effect and that they are REQUIRED to provide ID. They had the flyer right in front of each person at the sign in desks. How many people without ID will look at that flyer and think that ID is required and turn around an leave? Is not proper to have info about a law that is NOT IN EFFECT displayed at a polling place.
KevinP November 07, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Grow up. Your voter card specifically states that you'll be asked for ID and not required to present it. Lower your caps and stop yelling about something that makes you look ridiculous simply because you didn't understand it.
Utente November 14, 2012 at 02:07 PM
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