Late Taxes to Cost Homeowners More in Horsham

The Horsham Township Council recently adopted an ordinance that would charge those behind on property taxes 5 percent more.

Paying real estate taxes later will mean more money out of your pocket if you own property in Horsham Township.

Horsham property owners who fall behind on their taxes will be charged 5 percent more under an ordinance that the Horsham Township Council adopted last week. 

The ordinance, which sets a new fee schedule for the Montgomery County treasurer's office, allows an extra 5 percent to be tacked on for end-of-year delinquencies, according to Horsham Township Manager Bill Walker.

Walker said the new fee would take effect on Jan. 1.

Currently, the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau collects delinquent taxes at face value and keeps 5 percent of the amount obtained to cover administrative costs, Walker said. 

"We don't see our full amount," Walker said during the meeting. "This will change that."

Walker said delinquent taxpayers would also be assessed higher penalty and collection fees.

The council adopted the ordinance unanimously. Councilman W. William Whiteside was absent.


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