Horsham to Net Larger Share of Inspection Fees

Beginning in January, Horsham Township will earn a higher percentage of fees paid from various inspections.

Come January 1, Horsham will up its share of inspection charges by 13 percent.

Under a new contract which takes effect in the new year, Horsham will receive an equal split of funds from various residential, commercial and electrical inspections as Horsham-based Code Inspections Inc.

Currently, Code Inspections Inc. receives 63 percent of the cost township residents or business owners pay, while Horsham receives the remaining 37 percent. 

Once the contract takes effect, both parties will receive a 50-50 split of fees paid for inspections, Horsham Township Manager Bill Walker said during Wednesday's meeting, prior to the governing body's approval of the third party services contract.

Walker said he was unable to estimate how much more in revenue the change would mean for Horsham because the number of inspections carried out vary.


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