Hoagies, Wraps and Beer, Oh My!

Horsham Township Council approves a beer-only liquor license for Lee's Hoagie House.

The owner of is hoping beer drinkers will find a home at the Route 611 eatery.

Jon Waxman, who has owned the sandwich shop for three and a half years, got unanimous approval Wednesday night from Horsham Township Council to transfer a beer-only liquor license from a Lansdale establishment to his business. Waxman is hoping the license, which he bought for $125,000, will be a shot in the arm for the sandwich shop.

“Economically, it’s definitely been a struggle,” Waxman said, noting that military from the all-but-shuttered had made up a large portion of his regular customers. “Twenty-five percent of our business used to be from them.”

Waxman began working at the Abington Lee’s Hoagie House in 1982 and bought it in 1990. That location, also located on Route 611, does 50 percent more business than Horsham, he said. But, the ability to serve alcohol may change that.

“It’s an asset to always have,” Waxman said of the liquor license. “A lot of people ask me now if we have beer.”

Under the license, patrons would be permitted to buy either single bottles or six packs of beer. Individual bottles could be consumed on site, Waxman said, adding that opened containers could not leave the establishment. He estimates that 99 percent of those purchasing beer would do so for take-out.

No one from the public spoke during the liquor license transfer hearing. The council inquired about where beer would be housed and what Waxman would do to prevent people from drinking in their vehicles.

Waxman said video cameras and mirrors would be added inside the eatery. Managers would be trained in RAMP, or a responsible alcohol management program. Staff would monitor the parking lot to prevent people from consuming alcohol in their cars, he said.

“We plan on putting the beer behind the wall so we already have a natural barrier,” Waxman said. “They would pretty much have to walk right by the front cash register.”

To prevent minors from buying beer, Waxman said anyone who looks under 30 years old would be carded.

Mike Segal, who owns the Lee’s Hoagie House in Falls Township, lower Bucks County, said his establishment has sold beer for 25 years and he’s never had a problem. Segal attended Wednesday's meeting in support of Waxman.



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