Hatboro Looks to Switch Electric Providers

The Hatboro Borough Council is considering

In an effort to rein in electric costs for borough-owned properties, the Hatboro Borough Council is considering switching energy providers.

The move could save Hatboro between $10,000 and $12,000 per year, Council President John Zygmont said.

The governing body discussed a potential switch from PECO to Constellation Energy during its Monday night meeting. The council is expected to vote at its Dec. 17 meeting. At that time, elected officials would need to firm up the length of the contract, which Acting Borough Manager Fred Zollers said locks in specific rates for time frames ranging from 12 months to 48 months.

Zollers said PECO would still provide the energy transmission and would service any downed wires or power outages. 

If the switch is made, Zollers said the council would be able to know, with certainty, the cost of energy for its traffic lights, street lights, police and public works buildings, borough hall and lights at parks, which would enable the ability to "streamline" and simplify future budgets. 

"I don’t see where electric rates are going to go any lower. It’s probably a good thing to do," Zollers said. "We pay quite a bit in electric."

Councilman Bob Hegele said Constellation's 0.066736 per kilowatt fee was a "really good rate."

Councilman Bill Tompkins questioned whether the council could approve a contract beyond the term of the majority of the board, since four members are up for re-election next year.  

"You can lock in for some things beyond the term of council but not other things," Borough attorney Christen Pionzio said, adding that she would report back prior to the Dec. 17 meeting.


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