Hatboro-Horsham OKs Sponsorship, Advertising Policy

Hatboro-Horsham School District’s new board policy allows commercial businesses to advertise on district property or in printed materials, sponsor school events and potentially buy naming rights for district-owned property, including Hatters Stadium.

A Hatboro-Horsham School Board policy aimed at generating additional revenue streams through was adopted Monday night without any discussion. 

The commercial sponsorship/partnership agreements policy establishes the general guidelines that businesses would need to adhere to when paying for advertising on district property, the district’s Web site, or in printed materials. The policy also lays the ground rules for sponsorships, which are defined in the policy as “a payment of money or other economic benefit to a school or to the District in exchange for recognition.”

The third piece is partnerships, which may or may not generate funding, officials have said. Currently, is partnering with the for the training of its athletes. While the fitness club did not pay money to the district, the in-kind contribution of personal training services and use of the gym’s equipment – valued at $10,000 – saved Hatboro-Horsham money. 

District officials told Patch previously that the goal is to generate additional funding to help offset dwindling taxpayer monies.

“We know that with declining revenue through the economy, through state support etc., it’s so important that we begin to look at creating additional revenue streams and support,” Superintendent Curtis Griffin told Patch prior to the policy’s adoption. “Don’t expect to see tomorrow ads on our school buses … or on student lockers. We’re going to go into this very slowly. We want to be very considerate of the educational environment.” 

Under the policy, advertising is not permitted in classrooms, but is allowed in the auditorium, cafeteria, gym, library, performing arts center or athletic fields and facilities.

District officials told Patch previously that each agreement would be handled case-by-case in terms of length of contract, the amount and other factors. Agreements valued at $2,500 and above require board approval each year.

Griffin said he would begin looking into sponsorship and partnership opportunities this fall. Initially, Griffin had said he envisions them, from a value standpoint, as smaller amounts that, when combined, could help to cover programs or the costs of printing the district calendar, for example.

“If you could find potentially for next year, maybe five projects around $15,000 savings,” Griffin said, “That starts to add up.”

Steven Long August 21, 2012 at 04:25 PM


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