Election 2012: Who Did You Vote for?

Patch chats with voters exiting the polls Tuesday in Horsham.

With temperatures at just under 30 degrees in the minutes leading up to the opening of Election Day polls, Bob Lunny waited for his turn in line. 

The first one at Horsham 3-2 on Witmer Road, Lunny was warm inside the Korean church. 

Why did Lunny get up so early to vote?

"I didn't want to wait in line and it's cold," Lunny told Patch moments after exiting the polls at 7 a.m. "I wanted to wait inside."

As for the candidates that got his vote, Lunny was offered less insight.

"I didn't vote straight party lines," Lunny said, adding that he picked the "right people for the job."

Others passed Patch hurriedly saying only that hitting the polls first thing was a necessity for their work schedules. 

Phyllis Lorusso said she's an early person and voting in the morning is easier. 

A registered Democrat, Lorusso said she's "voting my party."

"I'm not crazy about Romney," she said. 

Joseph Rodriguez, voter #14 at Horsham 3-2, said he came early because his wife needed their vehicle and he would not have had transportation otherwise. 

Rodriguez said he supported President Obama.

"In four years he didn't do much," Rodriguez said, noting that Romney would have to "start all over again."

"There's always hope," Rodriguez added. 

Fran Taylor exited the polls Tuesday at about 7:40 a.m. with a spring in his step. 

Taylor, who said he votes at the same time every election, had started his day with a workout at his fitness center prior to voting. 

A woman, who asked that Patch not use her name, said she opted to vote even earlier than normal Tuesday because "this election is so important to me."

"It needs to change," the Romney supporter said. "Better leadership in this country" is needed. 

Voter Annie Sabo got an assist from her almost 3-year-old daughter, Emma, with voting Tuesday morning.

"She sees all the signs in the neighborhoods," said Sabo, a teacher, who brought Emma along to push the "cast vote" button on Election Day.


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