Police: Serial Burglar Robbed Horsham Jeweler

Authorities said a man suspected of burglarizing a Newtown Township jewelry store on three separate occasions, as well as a Montgomery Township Costco, is believed to have burglarized Jems Jewels and Gold in Horsham Township.

Horsham Police are joining the search for a man suspected in a Bucks and Montgomery County burglary spree following a break-in and theft at an English Village Shopping Center jewelry store, according to NBC10.

Authorities said Jems Jewels and Gold in Horsham Township was burglarized early Wednesday morning in a similar fashion as a string of thefts at Mayfair Jewelers in Newtown Township over the last month, as well as a robbery at the Costco in Montgomery Township. 

The man, who authorities described as a white male 25 to 30 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, muscular build with dark hair, is said to have pried open the back door of the Horsham Township store to gain entrance. Authorities said that was the same way the Newtown Township merchant was robbed. 

During the Costco theft, the man hid inside the store until after closing, police said. Once the store closed, the suspect is said to have exited his hiding spot, entered the jewelry section of the store and smashed the display counter using a 40-inch TV, police said. 

More than $91,000 in jewelry was taken from Costco, police said.

In all instances, the suspect allegedly smashed jewelry cases. In Newtown, he made off with goods valued at more than $100,000, according to NBC10. 

Horsham Police have declined to say how much was stolen from Jems Jewels and Gold. 

Al Stuart October 19, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Theresa, this was not a "robbery" it was a "burglary". Robberies can only be committed against a person, not a building. In this Horsham case no other person was present except the burgler.


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