Is Speeding a Problem in Horsham?

A Horsham firefighter believes that the township needs to address this issue.

Credit: Brian Watson via flickr.com
Credit: Brian Watson via flickr.com
Earlier this week on the Hatboro-Horsham Patch Facebook page, we posted a call for residents to reach out about any issues in Hatboro-Horsham that needed to be addressed.

One of the responses we received was from Anthony Vogel, a firefighter in Horsham, who wrote the following:

I live on Wynmere Dr in Horsham. They made the speed limit 25 a while back but no one listens. Lots of small kids are in the neighborhood and most recently a blind child and people race through the neighborhood like a race track. I believe if speed bumps are place in 3 perfect locations, it will stop these people from doing 40 around a tight curve with cars on both side and possibly hitting a child or adult. The township really needs to address this issue before it's to late!

What do you think? Are speed bumps and better signage the answer to this speeding problem? Let us know in the comments section below.
KH July 02, 2014 at 05:56 AM
I live on Maple and it's horrible. I complain to the police several times a year to no avail. I cannot pull out of my driveway without being illegally passed or honked at. It's a disgrace! Average car speed is 45-50 mph on this 25 mph RESIDENTIAL STREET! What is worse is there is an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL on it and our kids walk home with these out of control speeders. I want stop signs at every street and NO TRACTOR TRAILERS permitted. This is not a main thorofare...it's a residential street.
KH July 02, 2014 at 05:58 AM
This is Maple between route 611 and County Line road.
Joan July 02, 2014 at 09:53 AM
I live in the Meetinghouse Village development. I walk my dog everyday through the neighborhood which used to include Maple Avenue between 611 and County Line Road. We used to have police sit on Serrill Avenue at different times of the day to pull over speeders. In addition periodically we would have the speed indicator sign set up at the corner of Serrill and Maple Avenue. These were huge deterrents for speeders. It's been about 3 years now that we haven't had any monitoring of speeders. I was told that the officer who used to sit and watch was the son of another officer and once his dad moved he stopped monitoring the situation. I have called to express my concerns with no resolve. The cars go well over the 25 mph posted speed because they have also realized no one is watching anymore. The stretch of Norristown Road between County Line and Street Road has the same problem. However, the Warminster police continue to monitor and ticket speeders who exceed the 25 mph posted speed limit. What is especially upsetting is that Hallowell Elementary School is on Maple Avenue and at dismissal time we have numerous children walking home on this stretch of road. This speeding problem on Maple Avenue between 611 and County Line Road continues to escalate. Cars continue to speed. We have tractor trailers using this road as a cross thru which totally confuses me because there are no businesses on this stretch of road. It is strictly residential. Tractor trailers should be prohibited. The traffic light was installed at 611 and Maple Avenue for the safety of drivers. How about taking the same care for the safety of the neighborhood?
KH July 02, 2014 at 12:22 PM
Joan, I agree 100%. But my concerns fall on deaf ears to the Horsham Police. Post signs for NO TRUCK traffic, and control speeders either thru stop signs or radar traps. They claim they don't see trucks on our stretch and speeding isn't that big of an issue. I will continue my letter writing to them, and possible to the PA Attorney General if nothing is done.
Sharon M July 06, 2014 at 07:28 AM
I live on Maple Avenue and it is nearly impossible to back out of my driveway without a speeder on my tail before I put it in gear and move forward. Then they fly around me on the left. When I try to make a left into my driveway they go around me on the left and there have been many close calls. In both cases, I get honked at like I'm doing something wrong. Trying to do the speed limit only puts you at risk because of people driving too close behind you. I have seen MANY terrible accidents on this street attributed to speed. Something needs to be done to correct this problem.


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