Ex-Cop Enters Guilty Pleas for Guns, Drug Charges

Former Hatboro Police detective sergeant John Becker pleaded guilty to 18 of 38 counts stemming from drugs, weapons thefts and his misuse of informants to obtain drugs for his own personal use.

A former Hatboro Police officer of 17 years is facing up to 100 years behind bars following a guilty plea he entered Tuesday morning.

, 43, of Horsham, wept as he left the courtroom at Montgomery County Courthouse following what was supposed to have been a pre-trial conference. Instead, Becker entered guilty pleas for 18 counts – 10 of which are felony firearms counts, each carrying a five to 10-year sentence.

Judge Garrett Page warned Becker that by pleading guilty to charges stemming from the Attorney General’s Office filing against him in May, that he had a “50-year exposure” and that the high end of his sentencing could result in sentences running consecutively for up to 100 years.

Until his , Becker had worked as a Hatboro Police officer. According to the criminal complaint against him, beginning in December 2009 and continuing through January 2011, Becker had convinced or coerced several informants – under the guise of furthering narcotics investigations – to buy prescription drugs, as well as cocaine, for his own personal use. Becker, who had served as the police department’s evidence custodian, is also said to have stolen guns, cash and drugs from the department’s evidence locker.

Becker declined comment Tuesday. His attorney, Vincent DiFabio, declined comment except to say that he would be filing a sentencing memorandum that would offer “great detail” about why his client entered guilty pleas.

Becker signed a waiver to allow the sentencing to occur beyond the 90-day requirement. His sentencing has not yet been set. He remains free on bail.

Cora Rowe August 31, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Once again, Patch Theresa, thanks for keeping us updated on this police soap opera
Arkansas Dave September 05, 2012 at 07:13 AM
Burn in hell you scumbag dirty rotten coward. And please with this disease thing. Gimmie a break. He broke the law countless times while he was (Supposed) to be enforcing it. Stealing, high at work, crashing vehicles on the job, setting people up to steal drugs, putting residents in danger every day with his "disease". What a bastard!!! And now he cries after his plea when leaving the court house. Aww poor guy, it's all that damn diseases fault right? I'm confident that the judge will knock his head off at sentencing.
Maggie September 05, 2012 at 03:20 PM
I have no doubt John was a good cop before his addiction. My son was also used by John. One of the ways he would get the kids to "help" him was to arrest them and then tell them if they would work with them it would help their case. He would have them make buys for him so he could arrest the dealers however they were never charged. I remember one time he got pissed because my son would not make a buy in Warminster because he questioned why John was trying to get someone in Warminster instead of telling the cops there. Addiction is a horrible disease and it just keeps getting bigger. It can happen to anyone, my son is from a good home. Thankfully he is in recovery and doing well but you never know. John should be punished for his actions, he abused the power he had so he hurt more than just himself. Sadly it was mostly young people he hurt who needed help. Addiction is not a choice. It may start from stupid decisions however it gets beyond your control. I do hope he gets the full sentence. I don't understand how he is out on only $1,000 bail.
Theresa Katalinas September 05, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Maggie, His bail is $10,000, not $1,000.
Maggie September 05, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Yes but doesn't that come out to 1,000 cash? If not my mistake. I know I read in the paper it was 1,000.


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