Enterprise Fire Company Announces 2013 Lineup

Hatboro's Enterprise Fire Company shares its line officers and executives for 2013

Keith Gordon will once take the helm as chief of Hatboro's Enterprise Fire Company.

Along with Gordon, the following individuals will serve in these roles:

Deputy Chief: James Anders III

Assist Chief: Rich Lefebvre

Captain: Alex Avallon

First Lieutenant: Justin Heger

Second Lieutenant: Bob Hartnett Sr

Third Lieutenant: Eric Gordon

Fourth Lieutenant: Carlos Santiago

Chief Engineer: Michael Card Sr

Assistant Engineer: Frank Kitchen

Assistant Engineer: Brian Groo

Assistant Engineer: Eric Robertson

Safety Officer: James Anders Jr.

Fire Police Captain: Tom Churak

Fire Police Lieutenant: Fred Standaert   

President: Roy Cain

First Vice President: Rich Lefebvre

Second Vice President: Bob Hartnett Sr

Treasurer: April Mount

Financial Secretary: Dawn Brough

Recording Secretary: Joanne Lefebvre

Steward: Eric Robertson

Assistant Steward: Brian Groo

Assistant Steward: Kevin Ramsdale


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