Earthquake Shakes Up Upper Moreland

Reports state that an earthquake, originating from Virginia, has rippled through to the eastern seaboard, catching everyone off guard.

Around 1:50 p.m., today, ground tremors were felt throughout Upper Moreland, shaking up cars, houses and people.

According to Willow Grove resident Ruth Deming, her son called her from Huntingdon Valley to see if she had felt the earthquake that shook his entire office building for several seconds.

She said it has been about 15 years since the area felt an earthquake.

Minutes after the ground settled again, news sources from around the county were providing similar accounts of earthquake stories.

The United States Geological Study, pinpointed the epicenter of the quake to within nine miles from Mineral, VA, which is 87 miles south of Washington, DC, and 252.9-miles south of Willow Grove.

The GS report states that a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck the area of Mineral, VA. In less than two minutes, the shockwaves reached the Upper Moreland area. 

While the shockwaves of the earthquake paled to comparison of the violent tremors experienced toward the epicenter, Upper Moreland officials were went quickly into action, seeking any damages on township property and fielding many calls from the public.

According to Upper Moreland Emergency Management Coordinator Robert Drennen, there have been no reports of damages or injuries within the township.

He suggested that residents check for water damage or leaking, as well as any electrical problems that may have been caused by the earthquake.

Reading from a PECO press release, Drennen confirmed that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake did travel through PECO territory, but there have been no reports of power interruptions.

According to Montgomery County Public Safety spokesperson Jason Wilson, there have been no reported incidents of damage or injury, but it may yet be too early to tell.

"We have been receiving higher than the normal 911 calls," he said. 

Carly Brown August 24, 2011 at 12:32 AM
I don't know what i was doing when the quake hit, because I never felt it. Its weird, I thought i had left all that shaking back in California, what a surprise when i heard it was a 5.9 right here in the Eastern state of VA. I use to live right near there in a little bedroom community of Woodbridge, VA. If i were still there, i am pretty sure I would have been aware of it. I was talking with my next door neighboor and she told me that she surly felt it. No damage was done in either apartments and that is a good thing. Thank you for your article, Ruth. I didn't know how many miles it was from my old home to my "now" home. Carly Brown


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