Driver Slaps Another Driver in the Face for Tailgating

According to a police report, a driver got out of his vehicle and hit another driver in the face for tailgating.

were dispatched to Kmart Wednesday, August 22 on the report of a road rage incident that just occurred at .

According to the complainant, Daniel Fort, 23 of Langhorne, he was following a vehicle on Brownsville Road toward Old Street Road. At the light near Angela's Pizza II, a male in his late 40s with a beard jumped out of his vehicle and walked to Fort's vehicle.

Fort stated that the actor opened his driver's side door, yelled at him to "stop (expletive) tailgating me" and struck Fort. The complainant said that the man then got back into his vehicle and drove away.

The actor's vehicle was stopped on Mallard Road and the man was identified as Stephen Mills, 53 of Feasterville. He stated that Fort was tailgating him from E. Bristol Road all the way down to Brownsville Road to Angela's Pizza II. Mills said that he could not see Fort's headlights because he was following so closely and he was swerving back and forth behind him. 

Mills said that he got out of his vehicle at the light, walked over to Fort, yelled at him for tailgating and admitted to slapping him. Fort admitted to tailgating Mills.

Mills will be cited for summary harassment and Fort will be cited for following too closely.

Eric S August 27, 2012 at 09:49 PM
Let the guy off the hook. The tailgater is lucky he only got slapped. He should just take the lesson and move on. He was being dangerous, got slapped and called the cops...what a wuss.
Capt. Obvious August 28, 2012 at 05:38 PM
I wish I had the guts to get out and slap a few of the maniacs we have on the roads around here. bravo Mr. Mills.
Jeffery Beck August 28, 2012 at 07:53 PM
Fort was following the typical M.O. of young, aggressive drivers. Follow someone right on their tail, swerving back and forth behind them and generally act like a baboon driving a car until they pull over and let you pass them. I agree with Eric above that Fort was lucky that he only got slapped. His actions are again typical of many young drivers who only think about themselves and not the safety of others.
Eric S August 28, 2012 at 09:10 PM
In my younger dyas I got out and confronted aggressive drivers more than a few times. I'd also slam on the brakes to get their attention. But as I have aged....and matured....I came to realize I was adding to the danger though I do feel I may well have given a selfish and inconsiderate driver something to think about. These days I just slow down and drive them batty. I sort of miss seeing the expression of a tailgater when they see brake lights and a raising rear end rushing at them.


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