Dog Shot by Police Recovering After Successful Surgery

Hatboro police shot Lola, the 3-year-old boxer mastiff, after she escaped her yard May 24.

Lola. Credit: GoFundMe
Lola. Credit: GoFundMe

The dog who was shot by Hatboro police last month had a successful surgery and is now home recovering, according to her owner. The dog sustained injuries to her leg after the May 24 incident.

Hatboro police shot Lola, the 3-year-old boxer mastiff, after she escaped her yard near County Line Road.

The friends and family of Lola started an online fundraising page to help offset the cost of vet bills associated with injuries from the shooting. The GoFundMe page recently surpassed its $6,000 fundraising goal goal.

"Thank you so so much to all who have donated to save Lola her second chance at life is all dedicated to you amazing people," her owner posted to the GoFundMe page. "Lola had a successful surgery and is now home recovering we have a long road ahead of us but all your continued support and prayers makes it worth it." 

According to a summary on the GoFundMe page, Lola was shot after she left her yard and approached a neighbor in a “friendly manner.”

However, local police tell a different story.

Police Chief James Gardner told The Intelligencer that the dog was at large and became aggressive with three women who were trying to get control of it. When police arrived, it charged at an officer, who then fired four times, The Intelligencer reported.

However, neighbors told the publication that Lola is “loving” and “energetic” and not aggressive with neighborhood dogs. 

Mia Ball June 04, 2014 at 07:45 AM
Ok, lets take a look at this. Three women tried to gain control of the dog (obviously they were not afraid this dog was dangerous otherwise they wouldn't have tried). If the officer approached in an aggressive manner the dog was most likely thinking he was protecting those around him. Thankfully this officer just wounded the dog instead of killing it like other cops do without batting an eye. The family needs to make sure the dog has a secure enclosure and don't keep the dog outside when no one is home. Glad the dog is going to be okay. One thing is troublesome, the officer hit the dog 1 time but fired 4 shots, that officer could have easily hit an innocent bystander. I do believe he needs to go to the firing range. Also teach officers dog body language and how to use a tazer, mace, catchpole, or call animal control even. Also carry lots of dog treats with them.
Vikki June 04, 2014 at 11:26 AM
Anyone who thinks that police officers draw their weapons and start shooting without first assessing the risk to the public has watched too many Bruce Willis movies. A dog can inflict seven punctures in one second and by the looks of this dog's jaw, those punctures would have been deep. The officer involved should be awarded the Best Shot award. Hitting just the leg of a moving dog takes tremendous skill, bravery and quick judgement. He risked his own body and limb by not shooting the dog in the head which is a much easier shot-- but he didn't. Citizens of this town need to be more grateful to their law enforcement officers. If an officer is seriously bitten on the hand, or arm, they will have to be put on disability making the community less safe. Would these cop bashers rather than a cop not take a shot at a dog that is charging a child because he/she loves dogs? I love dogs more than anything too, but a child's safety can NEVER be risked. Children are permanently disfigured and killed by large dogs that are running at large all to often because owners refuse to keep their dogs properly housed, leashed and contained. Lastly, I'll say this again. I despise crowd funding to pay for events that were preventible in the first place. If people are want the privilege of owing a dog, they need to have the financial ability to pay all the medical expenses in the event of an accident (in this case, this wasn't an accident) or a devastating illness such as cancer. Oh... I forgot, we live in an entitled society where the village is expected pay for their neighbors ineptness. Silly me. These owners should be ashamed.
Dave Becker June 04, 2014 at 03:31 PM
the dog was not charging anyone from what I heard. and how do you know where he was aiming? he missed 3 times with other adults and children and cars passing by. how many times does an officer of Hatboro pull a gun? I am sure it is not many at all. and what does a policemen shooting a dog charging a child come in to play?
Vikki June 05, 2014 at 01:50 PM
@Dave Becker writes: <<<"how many times does an officer of Hatboro pull a gun?">>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you feel this police officer isn't competent to use a fire arm then you should file a formal complaint with your chief of police and mayor. My only point is that large dogs running through a park or neighborhood scare people. 'Some' of these loose dogs pose a real threat to humans, especially children and people walking their leashed dogs. How would you feel if a 75 pound dog knocked down your child or grandchild and they suffered a concussion? I wasn't there, and from the comments here, neither were most commenters, so the dog's disposition is purely speculative. My guess is the neighbors are the only ones that know what this dog is like and will now get serious about filing reports if they see any aggressive behavior. I would hope that police can distinguish the difference between a goofball frolicking dog and a dog that is targeting and charging people but this is very tricky. Not all dogs that charge people intend to attack or bite, but they can knock people down at best, and bite at worst. There just isn't any way to know so when an animal is as large as this Mastiff mix is loose, unfortunately sometimes extreme measures must be taken for public safety. I'm going to make an assumption here that if this dog weighed 10 pounds, the officer would not have drawn their weapon. The sad fact is, that police shoot large loose dogs all the time and will continue to if owners aren't more responsible by making sure their dog never escapes by checking for holes in fences, and keeping locks on gates. I'm an advocate for dogs and children, not police. This dog had to suffer excruciating pain because her owner's were irresponsible. I hope they have learned their lesson or next time they may loose their dog for good. To write your mayor: mayor@hatborogov.org To write your chief of police: jamesgardner@hatboropolice.org
Kevin McCourt June 30, 2014 at 02:33 PM
The same police department employed Jon Becker. Look up the countless drugs, firearms and personal property he stole from the evidence locker AND from citizens. I had a Hatboro cop confiscate my PennDOT issued handicapped placard because I wasn't " disabled enough". Then, while leaving my cane in the car , ordered me to take the stand on one leg tricks. I complained of chest pain even before he cuffed me saying, " this wouldn't be happening if you were nicer to Mr. Braccia". In a holding cell, my chest hurt SO much that I BEGGED for a doctor or a phone call so a lawyer could get me an ambulance. Passed out and Finally Second Alarmers transported me to AMH. The following day I found I had ulcerative colitis, proctitis, gastritis and a hernia. They published in the paper weeks later that I was being charged DUI. ( wasn't a road stop, I pulled over to use cell). Officer Swoyer told Judge in Norristown that dash can proved my guilt. I assured Her Honor that if she watched the tape, she would drop my charges and order him to turn in his badge. He " forgot " it the day of trial. We took a recess for him to retrieve it....never found. The tape had " disappeared". Then the Judge called my witness. He owned the car the police had Towed to their friends on York Rd. He telephoned the station as I was on the phone with him, said police just pulled up then never returned home. All night, Hatboro police told him they hadn't seen me or his car.After waiting unfed, no insulin, for 8 hours, Judge called my 75 year old Diabetic witness to the stand. He was abnormally irate- she took it out on me. Fortunately, we got him directly from Courthouse to his Doc. He hasn't eaten that day and his blood sugar was dangerously off. Just because someone wears a badge, does not make them Good People, unfortunately.


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