This Was Hatboro-Horsham, 1912

A look back at Hatboro and Horsham, 100 years ago this week.

From the Public Spirit, Week of Jan. 6-12, 1912

State offers to repair Old York road -

If the owners of the toll-pike portion of the Old York road between Philadelphia and New Hope will turn their holdings over to the State without cost to the State, the road will be repaired and put in first-class condition by the State Highway Department.

Assurance to this effect was given on Wednesday by Highway Commissioner Bigelow to a delegation of Bucks county citizens, headed by Senator Clarence J. Buckman, who called upon him to ask that the road to New Hope be repaired. The committeemen assured Mr. Bigelow that they would do their best and exert all the influence possible to induce the toll companies to turn their stock over to the State.

The portion of the highway involved covers over thirty miles from the Philadelphia City Line through Jenkintown, Willow Grove, Hatboro, Hartsville and Lahaska. The highway is a toll road from City Line to a point two miles above Hatboro. This portion is owned by the Cheltenham and Willow Grove Turnpike Company as far as Willow Grove, and from there to Street road by the Hatboro and Warminster Turnpike Company.

Both of these companies are controlled by the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company. But in the latter company a large minority interest is in the hands of individual stockholders. It is not believed that these would give up their stock for nothing, even if the Rapid Transit Company was willing to part with its majority holdings as a gift to the State.

The pike is in fine condition up to Street road. From Street road to Centreville, a distance of about ten miles, the pike is in poor condition and no toll is collected. This is the abandoned roadway of the Hartsville and Centreville Turnpike Company, which surrendered its charter and went out of existence several years ago. The last few miles from Centreville to New Hope is in fair shape and is a toll section.

Mr. Bigelow assured the delegation that if the Old York road is turned over to the State, free of charge, work would be started this coming spring. The Old York road would be made a beautiful State highway from Philadelphia to New Hope, where it crosses the Delaware river into New Jersey.

Court to decide contested Horsham election -

The court hearing on the contested Horsham election, which was to have been argued last Thursday in Norristown, was postponed until next week.

The case is one under the contested election law. The petition sets forth that at the last election in the township there were two vacancies to be filled in the office of road supervisor - one for the full term of four years and one for the unexpired term of Jones Acuff for two years.

Dr. D.N. Downs, the Republican candidate for the four-year term, received 112 votes. William Teas, the Republican nominee for the two-year term, received 102 votes. Elmer E. Potts, the Democratic nominee, but whose term was not specified on the ballot, received 109 votes. George W. Stong, also the Democratic nominee, whose term likewise was not specified on the ballot, received 102 votes.

The election officers counted the ballots and certified to the clerk of the courts that no term of Democratic nominees was specified on the ballot. The election officers issued the certificates of election to Dr. Downs and Potts.

The defendants, in filing their answer, admit the facts as set forth, but claim that at the Democratic caucus in September a motion was made nominating Potts for the two-year term and Stong for the four-year term. They further claim that the electors of the township knew that Potts was a candidate for the two-year term and Stong for four years.

The matter will be fought along the lines that the term must be specified where two or more candidates are specified for the same office.

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Hatboro business men hold banquet -

The first annual election and banquet of the Hatboro Business Men's Association was held on Thursday night and was voted by all a great success.

Howard Garner, chairman of a committee that met with Borough Council, reported that Council is considering the suggestion of purchasing the Hatboro Water Company, and that the borough's attorney had the matter before him.

The auditors, C.J. Stover and J.M. Walmsley, reported a balance of $203.40 in the association treasury. To date, 58 members have paid their dues, leaving 32 delinquents.

The members present elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, Dr. Thomas Reading; Vice President, Penrose Robinson; Secretary, Warren M. Cornell; Treasurer, William F. Wilson.

After the meeting adjourned at 8 o'clock, the body of men then proceeded to Moore's Inn for their banquet. Everything was in readiness by Proprietor Moore and the committee headed by Harry Wilson, who had charge of the banquet. Those who attended represented almost all lines of business in the borough.

A most excellent dinner was served of oysters, soup, turkey, vegetables, salad and ice cream, ending with coffee and cigars. About 50 covers were laid and the banquet hall was handsomely decorated, and the two long tables looked beautiful. An orchestra furnished tasteful music.

President Reading acted as toastmaster and handled the meeting in his usual genial way. The toastmaster called on officers and directors for remarks and a number of them gave fine addresses.

Horsham Friends' Association meets -

Horsham Friends' Association met in the meeting-house last Sunday afternoon.

William Penrose opened the meeting by Bible reading. Bertha M. Parry read selections from "Old Meeting Houses," by J. Russell Hayes. Daniel Batcheller, of Germantown, then gave an address on peace.

Sarah Jarrett read a memorial to Lydia Hall. Mary S. Warner and Florence J. Williams reported on current topics, the latter reading a beautiful poem on the New Year. Eleanor Hallowell recited "Peace."

After remarks on the exercises, the meeting was adjourned until January 28th, when Horace Mather Lippincott will address the meeting.

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Hatboro and Horsham Happenings -

Enos D. Watson has sold his 60-acre farm in Horsham to Harvey D. Thompson, at a private figure. This is one of the best farms in Horsham. Mr. Watson will continue to farm the property he recently purchased from his father's estate.

Miss Mabel Winner has taken a position as night operator at the Bell Telephone Exchange in Hatboro.

J.M. Megargee and family are now occupying their remodeled house in Horsham. It is finished in Colonial style and is very comfortable.

The chemical wagon of the , Hatboro, has been returned to the fire house and is now in first-class condition.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hallowell, of Horsham, entertained on Sunday.

Ephraim Weidner, of Hatboro, who is confined at the Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia suffering with stomach trouble, is slowly improving.

The members of the Ladies Aid Society, of Horsham, were entertained by Mrs. M. Lukens on Tuesday afternoon.

Misses Pearl and Marion Clayton sang a beautiful duet in the Hatboro Methodist Episcopal Church last Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arnold, of Fort Washington, spent several days the past week with Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Williams, of Horsham.

Bank Examiner Chapman carefully scrutinized the accounts of the Hatboro National Bank on Wednesday and found the institution in fine condition.

Miss Elizabeth Stackhouse, of Horsham, who has been quite ill at her home, is able to be about again.

A dance was given in Wilgus Hall, Hatboro, last Saturday evening by Mrs. H.W. Logan, Mrs. W.S. Buckman and Mrs. Walter Rothwell. The young people had a very pleasant time.

R. Johnson January 12, 2012 at 03:50 PM
These looking back articles are great.Always nice to read about old Hatboro/Horsham
Robert Moore January 15, 2013 at 05:02 PM
It was great seeing the above-reference to my gg grand uncle, Cyrus Clifford Moore. Is there a resource around there which I may query regarding further appearances of CC Moore (and the guests of his Inn) in the newspaper? He resided there from about 1905/06-1914/15.


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