6 Tips to Manage Your Holiday Parties

Don't let the holidays take you by surprise! Enjoy your parties with these easy tips.

Happy Holidays! It’s time for office parties, family parties, and holiday celebrations for everyone. Although the holiday season is a time to share with family and friends, it’s mostly celebrated around food and drinks. 

How can a person possibly manage their nutrition and fitness routine????? 

I have a few practical tips to get you through the rest of the season.

1—When attending a party: 
PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Before arriving to the party, have a substantial meal that is comprised of lean protein and veggies. This will reduce the amount you eat at the
party by just considering the volume of the food. Never arrive to a party hungry if you are trying to manage your nutrition. Take note of all the food being served so you can indulge in a few unique appetizers, not just chips and pretzels. Enjoy the seasonal foods that you do not have often. Just limit the quantity.

2—Ok, I hear you—no time to plan? Have a protein shake that has at least 25 grams of protein with minimal carbohydrates and limited fat. After your shake, drink lots and lots of water! Drink it like it’s your job! Have a few slices of lemon or lime to wake up the flavor too. 

3—Work out! If you know you are going to a party on Saturday night, lift weights on Saturday morning so the extra calories can be partitioned to your muscles.  And ladies, this will not make you bulky. Unless you are taking drugs to
facilitate muscle growth, you will not get bulky from lifting weights. Only men will become bulky from strength training. Continue to stay on your fitness schedule just as if it were an appointment. Don’t let it fall to the bottom of the list.  Following a simple 20-minute strength workout will facilitate both fat burning and muscle toning.

4—Bring a dish to the party that fits your nutritional requirements for the day.  Whether you decide on an appetizer, side dish, or dessert, you want to choose a dish that you will enjoy along with the other party foods. For instance, if desserts are your weakness, take along a low carb dish that you can enjoy guilt-free!  Eating clean 80 percent of the time allows for a few indulgences. Just do not have the mindset that you “deserve it.” You DESERVE to be healthy.

5—Limit alcoholic drinks—This can promote bad choices when it comes to your food selection. Alcohol can cloud your judgment when making reasonable food choices at the party. Limit drinks to two and have two additional glasses of water.  When choosing your drink, consider wine or a low carb beverage. Stay away, I mean RUN, from the eggnog and the cosmos. To minimize additional eating or drinking, have a seltzer or water for the remainder of the party. Studies show that having something in your hands deters unwanted snacking.

6—Have FUN!! You are there to socialize and make memories. Enjoy the party and make it about the people. Remember that food will be there another day. If you find something you enjoy, ask for the recipe. 

Now is the time to be an advocate for your health—don’t wait
until the New Year.

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