What Is Happening In Our Kids' Schools?? A Parent's Voice...

Is your child in a Centennial School? Do you have questions / issues with what is going on in your childs school? Have you voiced your concerns only to have it fall on deaf ears? Speak up right here!

Most parents think "I know what is going on in Johnny/Jane school".  I thought the same thing until recently....Let me ask you a question. As an adult, how would you feel if you were getting in line to get your lunch at a cafeteria or buffet and the workers there said "you must first remove your jacket before you can get your food or be patted down before your leave to make sure you are not stealing." 

You would be insulted and offended, RIGHT???

Welcome to Centennial Elementary where your child is treated like a juvenile delinquent.  My child is not a thief and I don't expect them to be treated like one!

  Can someone please tell me what kind of message that is sending to our children!!  Where is the trust and respect that our children deserve??  Why were parents not informed as to what is going on??  What gives them the right to do that??? 

As a parent, what do you think about this?  How do you feel about your child's school?  Do you have any school issues?

I am putting this out there because I feel parents have a right to know what goes on in our schools.  It is obvious that the school is not going to inform us! We need to communicate with each other.  I have spoken to many parents and some of the stories they have shared with me are just downright wrong!   

That is why I have created this blog.  To share our stories.  To voice our frustrations.  To speak up and not be criticized or judged.  To know that someone is listening to you!!

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Thomas Hezel July 06, 2012 at 04:58 PM
According to PA law, a school board is required to have executive sessions to discuss legal, personnel, labor contracts, and real estate issues. This is the only time a quorum of the school board can gather to discuss district issues. All other times must be at a public meeting, advertised well in advance (note: the most recent Ad-hoc committee's did not adhere to these guidelines) .. If you do not agree with this, please feel free to have the law in PA changed to eliminated executive sessions.
Thomas Hezel July 06, 2012 at 05:00 PM
agreed. now the hard part is trying to change it.
Pamela July 09, 2012 at 11:29 AM
I believe Mr. Hezel, Mr.Reinboth,and Mrs.Mueller all stepped down before they could be voted out. They all ram-rodded these projected down the communities throat without a thought to consequences. "Good Riddence" would be the appropriate sentiment and "thank you for a wonderful legacy"
Jake May 18, 2013 at 04:33 AM
I have a child graduating this year from Centennial School District and all I have to say is I'm glad it will be over, that I never have to step foot at any of these schools again. Everyone is discussing money but set that aside because it will never change. The school board members do as they wish. There are so many problems at these schools. I'm going to Pick on the High school because that is where I have the most recent knowledge. Students find the school a joke. The rules are made up sometimes as they go along and punishments for misbehavior and not justified with what the student does. They are so extreme and go above and beyond with the punishment. Students are treated like prisoners. Understand I am not saying that students can do whatever they want but it's way too excessive. There are a lot of bad apples (Staff) at that school. I have never been a parent that walked into school and said "Oh no not my child" I never had blinders on. I would go in and listen to the issue from the school and also from my child. Some times it was my child but I found out over the years that the school made mountains out of mole hills so to speak. and found a lot of the times it wasn't my child. There are so many things going on over at the High school that the school board and the superintendent have no clue and most of it has to do with some of the staff. Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of good faculty but seems there are way too many bad apples.
Jake May 18, 2013 at 04:46 AM
Most students would treat faculty with respect, if respect was given back. I myself have felt what the students go through with faculty. I called and spoke to a disciplinary faculty person and was talked down to. I am a grown adult and should be talked to like one. The schoolboard needs to clean out some staff and reorganize programs and rules. Stop worry about building bigger and better schools and keeping up with the Jones', worry about the students education and implementing updated education. Why is it required that my child learn Shakespeare for example. How about a required class that teaches a student banking?? for example how to balancea checking account, how not to get into trouble with credit cards. things that will prepare them in adulthood. This is just a small example. My opinion of this school district is very low and I guess at this point I am grateful I do not have to deal with the school district much longer. Good luck to the rest of the parents who still have children in the school district and for those about to put their children there don't seek a different school district!!!


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