Obama Has Used Up His Time as President of the United States

Obama—No longer a viable commodity.

I really liked Obama and was happy to see him win in 2008 because I really believed that he, more than anyone else would understand the plight of the average America worker that under previous Democratic and Republican administrations, was left behind by a status quo mentality of the elite of this country who continue to ignore the middle class.

Unfortunately, since Obama took office more than three years ago, all that we have seen is a complete turnaround of everything he said he was going to do as president when he vowed to be the president of the people. 

President Obama has been the complete liberal he was purported to be before the 2008 presidential elections instead of being the middle-of-the-road president he campaigned for and won. 

Obama umbrella-type social agenda for this country of the past three-plus years makes even Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and Franklin Roosevelt’s vast government expansion of the 1930’s minor undertakings.   Obama has literally given away America and must not be reelected in 2012 because he has been a president of failure, an anemic president unworthy of the office he holds. 

Obama has failed the America people where it counts the most, their pockets.  After more than three years as president, our economy is still reeling and is in disarray, unemployment is still hovering above 8 percent, budget deficits keep rising exponentially, heath care costs continue to rise, jobs are still leaving this country, taxes are choking most Americans and all that Obama wants to do is to raise taxes on small businesses and corporations; the same entities that through their initiative and motivation factor create the wealth of this country.

What is going on?  Why are the American people, buying this nonsense by a president who speak well without delivering anything.   His economic programs have been a failure, his policies destructive and his promises empty. 

Obama Care that was supposed to bring down healthcare costs has actually accomplished the reverse.  In its present form, Obama Care is a failed program and if it is left intact, will derail this country’s economy  to the depths of despair for many years to come.

Yes, another four years of an Obama’s presidency will create a worldwide economic depression unseen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. 

It is to say the least, a scary thought for a country that for decades provided the American people the highest standard of living among all the industrialized nations of the world.  Today, for the first time in nation’s history future generations of Americans will not have a better tomorrow like many of us who always looked to the future for a better life and a prosperous tomorrow.   Today’s children will not be as lucky as we were when we always knew that tomorrow would bring a brighter day.

This is not what America should settle for.  This is not what I settle for when I came to this country so many years ago.  Back then, I knew and expected that with hard work, I would achieve my American dream and be able to have a “tiny piece of that American pie.”  Today, the same cannot be said for my children and grandchildren. 

It is, a sad, sad commentary for the United States of America, the country my father used to call, the land of honey and opportunity for all.

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Christine Dorian August 22, 2012 at 11:03 PM
It's critical for people to do their own research from trusted, non-partisan sources before voting, especially in this election when there has been so much deception and lies. For example, a Congressional Budget Office report shows that Obama's healthcare will decrease the deficit, not add to it. A writer for Newsweek made the same mistake in a cover story, and many people are up in arms about this irresponsible journalism. I would hate to see people voting based on info that is not accurate. I did my own research on issues like tax policy and why the deficit is so large, instead of relying on mainstream media and soundbites. Obama is not the one who has driven up the deficit for example. The deficit is sky-high because of a combination of tax cuts and increased defense spending by George W., who doubled the deficit. Reagan did the same thing - that lethal combination of tax cuts and military spending - and as a result tripled the deficit. He has said that was his biggest regret. While no one like taxes, our taxes are at a 60-year low. We also have a much lower effective corporate tax rate than many other developed nations. (You must look at the effective rate, which is what corporations actually pay, instead of the rate on paper.) I encourage everyone to take the time to seek out unbiased, reliable sources of information - this election is too important not to!
Adrian Seltzer August 25, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Thank you Christine. Well said. I do the same thing and I wish more people did too
Richard Weisgrau August 27, 2012 at 04:16 AM
Hmmm! And the answer is to elect a persons who subscribe to the policies that got us into this mess before Obama. In fact he want those policies on steroids! What was it that Einstein said? “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” I think Einstein hit the nail squarely on the head. Let's not go back to the past in the future. It failed us once. Why do it again? Want a strong economy? Get the money to the middle class. We don't buy yachts or multi-million dollar homes. We buy things that put millions to people to work.
Adrian Seltzer August 27, 2012 at 04:55 AM
Yes, someone else understands


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