Managing Development, Traffic, Reusing Air Base Top Incumbent's Goals

Incumbent Republican W. William Whiteside is seeking another term on the Horsham Township Council.

Incumbent Republican W. William Whiteside is seeking another term on the Horsham Township Council. Photo courtesy: W. William Whiteside
Incumbent Republican W. William Whiteside is seeking another term on the Horsham Township Council. Photo courtesy: W. William Whiteside

Six candidates are vying for three seats on the Republican-controlled Horsham Township Council. 

Residents can "meet" them all through profiles posted here on Patch. (Click here to see the profile on Democrats Scott Freda, Veronica Hill-Milbourne and Ron Kolla, here to see the profile on Republican Tom Johnson, or here to see the profile on Republican Deborah Tustin. 

W. WM. WHITESIDE60, a 38-year Horsham resident, received his education at Bucks County Community College. Whiteside received the Chancellor’s Certificate in Public Administration from the University of Missouri.

A Horsham Township Councilman for 14 years, Whiteside previously served on the Horsham Planning Commission and the Horsham Water and Sewer Authority. He also served as a Scout leader and a Horsham Soccer Coach.

What best qualifies you for a term on the Horsham Township Council?

Experience! I have managed offices, departments, people and equipment my entire career. While on Horsham Council we have improved roads, programs and amenities and won awards for being a “Best place to live.” We have the best trail system and Horsham taxes have not been raised in over a decade. 

What do you see as the big issues facing the township?

The big issues facing Horsham Township are traffic, managing development, maintaining an attractive environment for businesses and reuse of the Air Base.

If elected, how would you work to handle those issues?

Traffic studies and improvements are included in every project. We are working on improving Route 611. We have award-winning neighborhoods and the most stringent storm water controls in the region. We work with our business parks to ensure they remain desirable for companies to locate in Horsham Township.  

What do you see as the best approach for reusing Willow Grove air base?

I have worked since 2005 to ensure that the reuse of the Air Base is something that will make Horsham residents proud. The current plan which was created as a result of months of public meetings and public input includes a town center and the creation of over 7,000 jobs.

What can be done locally to ease traffic congestion?

During my tenure on Council we have widened Dresher Road and Horsham Road, installed new, or upgraded nearly every traffic control device in the township, and at every opportunity ensure that when development takes place the developer does a major road or intersection improvement. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

I have enjoyed serving Horsham Township for the last 20 plus years. I would like to continue to serve. If you like the approach we have taken, and you like the things we have been able to accomplish in Horsham Township, please vote for me on Nov. 5.  

Mike Shortall Sr October 19, 2013 at 02:08 PM
Let's not forget that the Township management's foresight in quickly organizing and seeking the Local Redevelopment Authority (HLRA) when the NAS-JRB Willow Grove base was placed on the BRAC list, provided Horsham's residents - its homeowners, taxpayers and business community - the opportunity to control the redevelopment future of the property. Those of us who had no desire to see a private/commercial airport there should be particularly mindful of that on Election Day!


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