5 Things: October 14

Serve up some extra sugar in honor of "Sweetest Day."

1. This one was too sweet to pass up … Saturday is Sweetest Day, an annual time to give sugary snacks and candy to loved ones, or those in need.

2. To get started buying sweets, consider a trip to , in Hatboro, where butter creams, homemade in the factory next door, rein supreme.

3. What better time than the weeks leading up to Halloween to pay tribute to America’s sweet tooth with Sweetest Day. With an estimated $2.1 billion in annual sales, Halloween is the No. 1 holiday for candy sales. (Sorry Sweetest Day, maybe next year)

4. And of course, the sickeningly sweet fall favorite is and has always been candy corn, which is estimated to sell in the 20 million pound range this year.

5. Not interested in buying candy corn? Make your own for Sweetest Day, or Halloween – or both – with this recipe.


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