5 Things: June 7

It's time for studying for finals, here in Hatboro-Horsham.

1. For tots too young to prepare for finals, a trip to this morning for Dance of the Bees could be both fun and educational. 

2. Weather: Today is supposed to warm up and could bring with it a chance of thunderstorms and a high of about 85. Although it is time to knuckle down and study for finals, leave the window open a little and feel the nice weather.

 3. Be sure to take a break and have some ice cream (preferably chocolate), at your favorite ice cream shop, . 

4. Sometimes getting away is the best environment for studying. Whether it is the , a , or a quiet, there is a place to study for you. Grab or order some tea and a snack and ace those finals.

 5. Web site: For tips, exercises, and guidelines to get your studying in order, visit Study Guides and Strategies, the largest resource.


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