5 Things: July 7

Get yor chocolate fix today!!

1. Today is national Chocolate Day. Whether you like Hershey’s or prefer Nestle, rejoice chocoholics!

2. Recipe: Today is a different take on a chocolaty dessert. Make this white chocolate blueberry cheesecake for your next dinner party, and everyone will want seconds.

3. Music: Chocolate is so much loved that Snow Patrol wrote a song inspired by the delicious treat. Listen to a song called "Chocolate."

4. Get your chocolate at a place that has been around since 1940. You’ve gone there for every Christmas, and you pick up something for every Valentine’s Day. So come to in Hatboro for your chocolate fix today.

5. Trivia: Did you know the blood in the iconic shower scene in "Psycho" was actually chocolate syrup?


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