Fill Your Mug for Free on National Coffee Day 2012

Get your caffeine on and celebrate with a free cup of joe.

If the first words out of your mouth every morning are, “I’ll have a large coffee”—or if you can’t even speak until after you’ve had your java fix—there's a national holiday created especially for you.

America will put staunch tea drinkers to shame on National Coffee Day on Sept. 29, when coffee fiends can rejoice and celebrate their beloved coffee bean with free brew from national chains.

Coffee was first brought to America in the mid-1600s in a shipment en route to “New Amsterdam,” now known as New York, according to the National Coffee Association. We have that shipment and the Boston Tea Party to thank for turning the nation into coffee drinkers.  

National coffee chains will be giving out free cups of coffee.

McDonald's restaurants along the East Coast - including the Easton Road location in Horsham and the York Road location in Hatboro - will be giving away free 12-ounce coffees every day through Sept. 29. No purchase is necessary, and coffee will be available in the drive-thru or in the restaurants.

Wawa convenience stores - including the Hatboro location on York Road, as well as the two Horsham locations, on Horsham Road are giving away free 16-ounce iced lattes through Oct. 2. with this coupon

What’s your favorite blend, and where do you get it? Tell us in the comments.


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