Towns Gear Up for Winter Storm

The snowstorm is expected to dump 3 to 7 inches of snow on Hatboro, Horsham and the surrounding area Friday night into Saturday.

As municipal officials gear up for the forecasted 3 to 7 inches of snow which could come overnight tonight into Saturday, residents are asked to do their part too to prepare. 

Fred Zollers, Hatboro's public works director and borough manager, suggested that residents park in their driveways and make sure their portable basketball nets and trash cans are off of the streets. And, perhaps most importantly, Zollers asked that residents "don’t throw snow back in the street."

"Back into the street means we just plow it back onto the sidewalk again," Zollers said, adding that shoveled snow should be placed in yards. 

Horsham Township Manager Bill Walker said that residents who have fire hydrants in front of their houses should shovel them out and keep the areas in front of storm drains clear so melting snow can get into the drain.

Zollers said the borough's public works crew has checked its equipment and installed plows on four trucks. The salt supplies were restocked this week, Zollers said, noting that the trucks are now loaded with salt. 

The next step, Zollers said, is to put together a list of which employees will be available this weekend and go from there. Zollers said the borough is still "under budget" with overtime hours needed to cover snow removal. 

In Horsham, Walker said public works employees are prepping for the storm. Before their work day ends at 3:30, Walker said township officials will decide if crews should be able to go home, or remain to help clear accumulating snow. If they are sent home and snow begins tonight, as forecasted, Walker said employees and private contractors on standby would be called in to help.

Horsham has a 2,000-ton "stockpile of salt" on hand, which is more than adequate to cover whatever Nemo brings our way, Walker said. 

"We do not put down 2,000 tons of salt for any storm," he said. 

To date, Horsham has used 15 to 20 percent of its snow budget and should have more than enough funds budgeted to handle any subsequent storms, Walker said. 

Both Walker and Zollers said there are no plans - at least not yet - to declare snow emergencies. 

"We'll play that by ear," Zollers said. "Depending on how much we get."


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