They're Ba-ack: Return of the Stink Bugs

The return of the fall weather has brought the return of pesky stink bugs.

As the cool weather of fall returns, so do the pesky insects commonly known as stink bugs. 

Pennsylvania is one of seven areas in the country that has "severe agricultural and nuisance reports" of stink bugs, according to a USA Today article. 

"The Mid-Atlantic remains ground zero," the article said, "with the worst infestations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and D.C., according to USDA data."

Stink bugs were first collected in the United States in 1998 in Allentown, according to Penn State's College of Argricultural Sciences, but they were probably around for several years before then.

Luckily, the bugs aren't harmful to humans. They don't bite or sting or transmit pathogens to people or pets, according to Daniel Gruner, assistant professor in the Department of Entomology at the University of Maryland.

Pesticides aren't the best way to get rid of the insects though, Gruner said. He suggests gently vacuuming the bugs up and immediately disposing of the bag afterward so the stink doesn't penetrate the vacuum components.

Another pesticide-free solution is to place pans of soapy water underneath gathering spots, near windows and doors. The foamy bubbles will trap and kill the bugs when they fall in, he said.

How do you handle stink bugs? Tell us in the comments.

Bill Sams October 26, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Stick Bugs have been here for a few Weeks. Stick Bugs hibernate under the siding or any enclosure. If you find them in your house you should call an exterminator to spray the outside of your Home. This should have been done as soon as you start seeing them. I have seen them on my screens and a Wasp and Hornet spray will kill them. Don't swish them as they are called stink Bugs and that is what will Happen


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