Indie Film Being Shot in Hatboro, Horsham

Filming for the independent movie, 'Remorse' began this week in Hatboro and Horsham locales.

Cast and crew filming an independent movie blocked off parking on York Road and crammed into Village Hardware in Hatboro.

The goal?

To shoot a scene in a "forgotten place," according to John Lutz, one of the producers for the upcoming film, "Remorse," which he described as a "ghost story" being made primarily in Hatboro and Horsham.

"You don't find hardware stores like that," Lutz, of Chalfont, said of the mom and pop hardware and hobby store. "It's tough to recreate that."

Village Hardware owner Bob Wipplinger said he closed the store for about two hours Wednesday to accommodate the shoot. 

"It was a pleasure having them here," Wipplinger said. "It's neat."

Filming is expected to continue through about June 20, Lutz said, adding that the movie could be released six to nine months after that. He would not say which actors star in it, or if the project has adequate financing for its production and subsequent release.

"You have to go out and raise the money," Lutz said, declining to be more specific. 

While Lutz was tight-lipped about much of the filming, he told Patch Wednesday afternoon that the story revolves around a young couple from the city who "go out to the country" to fix up an older house. In the process "tragedy happens," he said. 

A similar plot description on Yahoo was posted previously, when the movie was originally being made in 2006 to 2007, he said. That version, according to Lutz, "fell apart" in 2009. 

Lutz, who spent time scouting filming locations for the latest "Remorse" filming, said the hardware store was a good tie-in since the characters were refurbishing the house and would logically need supplies.

Filming began about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday at Stroker Roadhouse. Other Hatboro and Horsham locales are being used for filming, but Lutz asked that locations not be disclosed. 

The bar and the hardware store helped bring the story to life, he said. 

"They're right off the page," he said. "They really fit the story well."

Jenny June 03, 2013 at 01:26 AM
I absolutely love the idea that more producers are starting to film in the Philadelphia area. This is awesome!!!!!!!


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