Hatboro May Miss its TV Limelight

NBC cancels 'Do No Harm' prior to the airing of an episode filmed largely in Hatboro and Upper Moreland.

Curious about the block's length of camera equipment set up in Hatboro locales recently, passerby craned their necks and slowed their pace as cast and crew of a new NBC drama set up shop in Hatboro for filming.

As it turns out, Hatboro residents likely won't get to see the outcome of taping that occurred two weeks ago at the Hatboro Cemetery, or the week prior at a Newington Drive home. 

The hour-long show, "Do No Harm," which stars Steven Pasquale and "The Cosby Show" mom, Phylicia Rashad, was pulled from NBC after only two episodes, according to USA Today

And since the Hatboro-centric episode was set to air in late April or early May, according to the ill-fated show's location manager, Demian Resnick, the world may never get to see the inside of a Newington Drive home where a flashback scene was staged, or a related scene at the cemetery. 

According to USA Today, remaining episodes of "Do No Harm" are not expected to air anytime soon.


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