5 Hatboro, Horsham Stories to Watch in 2014

Negotiations for the sale of Willow Grove air base are expected to get underway in 2014 and Hatboro-Horsham School District could begin advancing plans for a new elementary school.

Negotiations for the sale of Willow Grove air base are expected to get underway in 2014.
Negotiations for the sale of Willow Grove air base are expected to get underway in 2014.
Nearly a decade after Willow Grove air base was put on a closure list, its sale to the Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority is expected to begin–and possibly conclude–in 2014.

1. In December the Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority reviewed an application that, once approved, tentatively on Jan. 15, will lead the way for negotiation and purchase of 862 acres of the former Willow Grove air base. But, before that happens, the Navy will hold a series of public meetings on Jan. 13 and Jan. 14 to receive public comment for the Navy's draft environmental impact statement. The document will provide a snapshot of existing land conditions at the former military installation.

2. Hatboro-Horsham School District is expected to have professionals in place by early 2014 to lead the construction of a brand-new Hallowell Elementary School after recently finalizing a deed for the former Horsham Memorial Army Reserve Center on Route 611 in Horsham Township.

3. A new fitness facility–owned by a former NBA player–is expected to open at Village Mall on Blair Mill Road in Horsham Township in 2014. The owner of the shopping center is planning additional upgrades and new stores for the center as well. 

4. Mexican restaurant Taqueria Feliz is expected to open in 2014 at the Elements Horsham on Horsham Road in Horsham Township. 

5. A committee formed to devise a plan for the inclusion of a public works annex at Eaton Park will meet in 2014. The group, which is comprised of two councilmen, as well as several Hatboro residents, will design a plan, which will be presented to the borough council sometime in 2014. 
Jeff Fread January 01, 2014 at 07:34 AM
Too bad that the top story for the school district isn't about how they will improve academic results for all kids in the district.
Leigh January 01, 2014 at 10:05 AM
It's kind of like if we don't talk about the problem it doesn't exist, right Jeff? I still have yet to see the academic numbers that were recently released for Keith Valley printed anywhere. A 75 - dismal and unacceptable. One of the lowest in the county. I'm paying high taxes, which are slated to go up, and these schools are producing kids who write like they are still in elementary school.


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