At he Pro Bowl football game they announced the name of each of the starting players as they ran on the field. In keeping with this tradition, let me announce the names of our 2013/2014 Hatboro Troop 3 All Stars: CHRIS ATRAS, MICHAEL BALOT, DYLAN BROWN, DYLAN CALLUM, JEFF DIETERLY, JACOB FISHER, JASON GRAF, TAYLOR LAUER, MATT RABII and STEVE TRITSCH. These TEN Scouts earned the rank of EAGLE within the past 12 months. WELL DONE!
These 10 youth were part of a larger group of 25 boys that joined Hatboro Troop 3 in the spring of 2007. These boys have grown into confident young men that will be graduating from high school this June. This large group of Eagle Scouts should not in any way take away from the great challenge that was successfully met by each of these young men. Instead, what it speaks to is the power of the team. These boys came from multiple Cub Packs; some were completely new to Scouting. They came from differant schools and communities across the region. Yet, despite this diversity, they were able to come together as a group. the accomplishements earned by each Scout were individual accomplishments. Each boy had his moments of doubt or challenge and each was ultimately able to rise above them. But, at the same time, these individuals had the power of the team in support behind them. We are looking forward to the continued success of all the Scouts in Hatboro Troop 3, no matter what their age and are thankful for all the individuals who have made this success possible.
This message was sent to all members of the Hatboro Troop 3 Family by Mr. Stuart Gentry, Scoutmaster. For more information about Hatboro Troop 3, check out their website: hatborotroop3.org
Lynn Graf February 09, 2014 at 08:22 AM
Wonderful tribute!


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