Hatboro-Horsham Postpones March 3 Senior Breakfast Due to Weather Complications

Mother Nature has been brutal this winter, reaching unusually low temperatures and dropping excessive amounts of snow. Due to this unpredictable winter weather, Hatboro-Horsham School District has decided it is in the best interest of seniors and students to postpone the complimentary breakfast and winter concert scheduled for March 3.

With the winter weather dropping snow so often throughout the area, it is difficult to predict if safe conditions will be available for seniors to travel to the breakfast.

Additionally, due to the many snow days and closures the district has required in recent weeks, students originally scheduled to perform the musical pieces will need to direct their energies toward making up lost instructional days.

“We want to thank those seniors who expressed interest in attending the complimentary breakfast and winter concert,” Director of Community Outreach and Communications Jeannie Hagan said. “Unfortunately, this winter has been far worse than anyone expected, and we want to make sure the weather has cleared before asking that our senior citizens venture out for this event.”


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