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Nick Awp Sucic July 4, 2014 at 11:06 am
BEWARE, WATCH PARKING. Think twice before going to hatboro, pa. Tow truck thugs run the parkingRead More lots in hatboro, pa. We attended the Car show in Hatboro, PA. 19040, July 2013. First let me say, I grew up in Warminster, PA. Went to William Tennent, we often parked in the same area, when we shopped for clothes at Sanitarians. We never had a problem. Illegal so call parking is not clearly marked in Hatboro, PA.19040, so beware. Tow truck thugs run the parking lots in hatboro, pa 19040. When we parked our car in hatboro. We asked someone standing behind the apartment fence on east moreland ave, I personally asked him "is it ok to park here", he told us and many other people. "Yes, it is ok to park here". The location is a large parking lot, near apartments, behind stores, off East Moreland ave, Hatboro,PA. Later that evening, we came back to our car, to go home, our car was gone. A thug came up to us and said, was you car parked here, if so, I have it, I towed it, it was parked illegally. So, a completely unmarked, old Chevy roll back tow truck, towed our car and my other peoples cars. We all had to pay or give up $300 CASH ONLY to get our cars back and we received no receipt. The tow truck driver took us in the tow truck, to a local ATM machine for cash. In reference to the show. A few cars are excellent, but most of the cars are not show quality, just local shade tree, red neck, back yard mechanics at best. With having so many out of town guests arriving to enjoy the Hatboro, PA. Car Show for the evening, We would think, Hatboro, PA. Should would or could, have a better solution for the parking for the spectators cars, going to see the car show for the evening. The local unmarked tow trucks made many thousands of dollars from this event. We will never go to Hatboro, PA car show again. Nick Sucic
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